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New asteroid threat: QE2 1998 (passed)


QE2 1998's projected path
QE2 1998's projected path
The newest threat is an asteroid, again. This one is called QE2 1998, and it will has it's closest approach to Earth for at least the next two centuries. It is big enough to end the life on Earth - around 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles). Scientists say that the chances that it will hit the Earth are almost non-existing, but, who knows - so far, we didn't have much luck with predicting what's going to fall down from the sky (you can read more about it in our section about threats from outer space). Let's hope they got this one right.

About QE2 1998

QE2 was discovered 15 years ago (hence the second part of the name, 1998). Scientists are not sure where did it come from. As we mentioned before, it is around 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) big, so it can lead to ELE - extinction level event (again, more on the topic in our section about threats from outer space). It is consisted of a misterious substance - it is believed that once it was a comet that flew too close to the Sun. We hope to get more information about it when it gets closer. Hopefully, it won't get too close. Estimation says that it's closest approach will be about 15 times the distance from Earth to the moon. It's next close approach will be in 2119. Let's hope that there will be someone here to watch it then.

Update: threat is gone

QE2 1998 passed near by Earth, within 5,800,000 km (3,600,000 miles) at 31. of May, 2013. Estimate says that it won't get any closer in the next 200 years. Because of the relative closeness, it was a very interesting to watch it. Also, we found out an interesting fact about it - it seems that it has a moon of it's own!

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